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Products / Ovens / Pastry Ovens (Gas)  

General Specification

- Adaptable to LPG or Ng.
- Magnet safety valves provide security on Ng operated ovens.
- Stainless steel body.


Technical Specification  

Code Description Dimension mm Net m3 Power kw Capacity
a b c
PBF.L1 Pastry Oven LPG - Gas 970x920x1700 1.5 20 5
PBF.D1 Pastry Oven NG (With Safety Valve) 970x920x1700 1.5 20 5
Code Gas Consumption Ng Gas Consumption Lpg
PBF.L1   2,62 kg/h
PBF.D1 3,5 m3/h  
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